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Climbing & Speology

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Climbing and Speology

The highest peak, Mount Korabi, on the border with Macedonia, towers 2,751 m above sea level. The cliffs of Llogara, Nemercka mountain at the south ,but also a vast range of mountains all over the country are perfect for alpinism or climbing. Other areas suitable for mountain climbing are the Albanian Alps in points such as: Vermosh, Theth, Razëm, Bogë, Valbona, etc. But also Tomori mountain, extending to the districts of Berat and Skrapar at Osum canyons or also Gjipe canyon at the Albanian Riviera. Throughout Albania, intrepid explorers will also find many vast caves just waiting to be discovered. Professional and amateur spelunkers alike will find no shortage of underground chambers to conquer. Near Shkodra there are at least 35 significant caves of a total of 68 designated as National Natural Monuments. An easily accessible cave is the Pëllumbas Cave near Tirana; it is Albania’s second largest. A sign-posted trail leads up to this cave, nestled in the beautiful Skorana Canyon on the Erzen River. Another cave of interest for tourists is Pirrogoshi cave. It is the largest in Albania, located in Skrapar. Other caves are: Kabashi cave (Gramsh) Cave Neziri (Mat), cave of Lek Pete in Kurvelesh, the cave of Treni in Devoll, etc.

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